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Floating and earthing

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The floating and earthing switcher on the rear panel of CS potentiostat

    As for the Floating and earthing switcher on the rear panel of CS potentiostat, as shown in the figure, if switched to the floating position, which means the ground pin in the PCB of potentiostat is disconnected from the earth terminal of the 220V Powerline, thus ,all cable terminals (WE ,CE ,RE and Sensing) are floating(and isolated from the earth), otherwise, the WE will connected(virtually or really, dependent on the WE, see figure 1 and 2 ) to the earth terminal of powerline socket. For the Hydrogen diffusion test, WE1 and WE2 must be isolated to avoid crosstalk. Therefore, the switcher in the rear panel is recommended to set at floating position.
    However, for single cell Electrochemical test in a glass vessel, the floating mode is unnecessary, on the opposite, the floating mode may cause powerline disturbance (50 Hz or 60 Hz). In this situation, it is recommended for the potentiostat to work in earthing position.

Floating: the signal GND in the PCBs are not connected with the Earth
Earth: the signal GND in the PCBs are connected with the Earth.


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