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  On 28th Oct., 2019, Mr. Bambang Saragih &Ms Nathania Rosanna from PT.Askotama Inti Nusantara, Indonesia visited our company. Their aim is to sign exclusive agent agreement, and receive potentiostat / galvanostat product training from us.
    They visited our factory, and we exchanged opinions on the deeper marketing of CS potentiostat in Indonesia. Askotama company had sold some sets of our potentiostat in Indonesia in recent 3 years. They organized seminars and invited professors who had used our instruments and who hadn’t yet to introduce our product. We appointed them to be our exclusive agent, and signed the agreement.

     In order to provide better after-sales to the customers, our agent received a comprehensive training from us. They learned software installation, instruments commissioning, regular troubleshooting etc. They are capable of providing basic after-sales service to the customers.
    Based on our high quality products and good technical service, and with the joint efforts us, we believe that there will be more customers using our potentiostat in the near future.

Indonesia Agent
PT. Askotama Inti Nusantara
Add: Komplek Bumi Dirgantara Permai,Jl. Hercules Blok J1 No. 10,Bekasi, Indonesia 17426
M. +62 852 8944 2030 | T. +62 21 8430 7981/82
Contact: Nathania Rosanna


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