How to check if the instrument works normally by dummy cell?

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 Use dummy cell to check the instrument

1. Connect the green clamp to WE, the yellow clamp to RE, and the red one to CE.


2. Open the software, click setup→Restore default.

3. Click Experiments→Potentiostatic, set the applied voltage to be 1.1V, start the test.
If the potential displayed is 1.1V, and the current is 1mA, it means the instrument potential output is correct.

During experiment, the potential and current value should always obey the Ohm law: I= E / R

4. Similarly, click Experiments→Galvanostatic, set the applied current to be 1mA, start the test. If the current displayed is 1mA, and the potential value is 1.1V, it means the instrument current output is normal.


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