How should I install bipotentiostat & multichannel potentiostat?

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CS2350/CS2150  Bipotentiostat & multichannel potentiostat - Ethernet connection

Software installation

(1) Use the Ethernet cable to connect the computer with the instrument. Power on the instrument.
(2) Open the “software installation” folder, right click the “Setup.exe”, and run as administrator.




(3) As it uses Ethernet communication, no need to install drivers. Firstly, install the .net 3.5. If your computer has already installed it, there will be a prompt as follows.

If it has not installed in your computer, just follow the steps to finish installation of .net 3.5.

Notice: If your operating system is windows 10 and it appears error prompt when you follow above step, then you have to install .net 3.5 through below tools. Please try one by one till you success. Remember to “run as administrator”.
(4) Click install CS Studio5. Created a shortcut is on the desktop.

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