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SGS certificate of Corrtest company- 2019
TUV Certificate of Corrtest company- 2021
Potentiostat-Single channel models
1- CS350 EIS Potentiostat /Galvanostat
2- CS310 EIS Potentiostat/Galvanostat
20A high current Potentiostat+current booster CS2020B(20A)
3- CS150 Potentiostat /Galvanostat / Electrochemical workstation
4- CS120 Potentiostat / Electrochemical workstation
5- CS300 Potentiostat/Galvanostat
6 - EIS bipotentiostat /bigalvanostat CS2350 (double-channel)
7- Bipotentiostat CS2150 (no eis,double channel)
8- multichannel 4-channel potentiostat model CS3104(EIS*1)
9- multichannel 4-channel potentiostat CS3004 (eis*4)
10- multichannel 8-channel potentiostat model CS3108(EIS*1)
11- multichannel 8-channel potentiostat CS3008(EISx8)
12- Electrochemical accessories
13- Manual- Corrtest potentiostat
14- Installation of single channel Potentiostat
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