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How to make the salt bridge?
Author: Corrtest Time:2019-06-04 16:35:43 views


    When measuring the potential, as the solution in RE and that in researched system is different, there is a contact interface in between. Due to different concentration and ion types, there is potential difference in the solution interface. This is why salt bridge is needed.  

  Prepare 1~1.5g powered agar,10g KCl and 30ml instilled water to a beaker. Heat the beaker on the asbestos gauze to 80℃. During heating, stir the solution using a glass rod til all the solid is dissolved and minimize the air bubbles. As soon as finishing heating, immerse the tip of luggin capillary into the agar solution, and suck agar at a constant rate into the luggin capillary using the rubber suction bulb (please don’t let air in during this process). Then pour the agar solution from the upper port of the luggin capillary till middle of the thick part. Before the agar gets cold, insert the SCE into the agar. When the agar gets cold, add some saturated KCl solution.

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