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Software Installation of CS potentiostat
Author: Corrtest Time:2017-05-16 22:48:29 views
Software Installation
(1) Connect the computer with the workstation by the USB cable. If you use a desktop PC, you’d better connect from the rear USB port.
(2) Turn "ON" (on the front panel) to start the electrochemical workstation, open the CD or USB flash disk to find the driver and installation applications. Click the “USB Drives” (shown below), then click CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe (64 bit OS) or CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe (32 bit OS) based on your operation system.  

(3) After finishing the driver installing, in the device manager → Ports (COM & LPT), there will be “CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COMX)”, X=1~6, as shown below, the X is 3. 

(4) Double-click the “Corrtest Install”, and then the testing and analyzing software “CS Studio 5.***” to install the software step by step following the instructions. 
(5)The software will be installed in the specified directory, and create a shortcut icon on the desktop, as shown below:


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