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Preservation and maintenance of RE

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 Silver Silver chloride electrode(Ag/AgCl reference electrode) and saturated calomel electrode(SCE) are suitable for neutral solution.
Mercury-mercurous sulfate electrode is usually used in acidic solution.
Hg/HgO reference electrode is recommended for alkaline solution.
Non-aqueous Ag Ag+ electrode is used in organic solution.

Preservation and maintenance
(1)Silver silver chloride electrode(Ag/AgCl reference electrode) and saturated calomel electrode should be inserted in saturated KCl solution after use.
Mercury-mercurous sulfate electrode is stored in saturated K2SO4 solution. Hg / HgO reference electrode is stored in 1M KOH solution.
2) Refill 3.5M KCl solution for silver silver chloride electrode, and saturated KCl solution for saturated calomel electrode(SCE), when the liquid inside the electrode is dry.
Refill saturated K2SO4 for Mercury-mercurous sulfate electrode. Refeill 1M KOH solution for Hg / HgO reference

3) These reference electrodes should be used at 0 ~ 60 °C.


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